Seeking a Productive Meeting Space?

Did you find inspiration? Foster team collaboration? Produce actionable ideas? Or did your productivity, along with your meeting, succumb to death by PowerPoint? At White Space, you won’t be derailed by constant distractions, limited budgets or skeptical teammates. You will get the results you seek. And so much more.

White Space is Dallas’ first venue dedicated to hosting productive meetings and engaging events as unique as your needs. Our inspiring and flexible spaces give your team room to think, so they can create, explore and express their best ideas.

To keep it simple and affordable, our all-inclusive pricing model gives you everything you need for a successful event – from meeting planning services and complete AV support to unlimited supplies and snacks to finger-paints and modeling clay – all at a pre-determined, flat rate. At White Space, the only surprises you will find are in the ideas you will create.

Team Building Ideas for Dallas Meetings

White Space can help you build a memorable meeting program in Dallas tailored to achieve your business objectives. Here are some great recommendations for creative content that will inject both fun and learning into your day. If these don’t appeal, no problem. We got a million other ideas and resources to draw upon. Just give us a call and let’s create the perfect experience for you.

Team Painting – Frank Campagna (artist and co-founder of Kettle Art in Deep Ellum)

Learn the value of teamwork and the importance of individual contributions in building a greater whole by creating a unique and lasting piece of art.  A large canvas is set up and each person is asked to contribute something to it.  Frank is there to help each person bring out his/her inner artist.  Once the group has made their contributions, Frank takes the piece away and applies his own artist expression to the work, bringing all the individual contributions of your team together into a beautiful work of art. The final piece is returned to the group in the morning for the big reveal.

1-2 hours

Collaborative Painting – G’Nosh

Learn the value of teamwork and the importance of individual contributions in building a greater whole by creating a unique and lasting piece of art.  A facilitator works with you in advance to select an image appropriate for your group.  The image is then broken down across multiple canvases that will come together to create one large painting.  During the event, each person in the group is given one canvas and a set of instructions for completing it. A facilitator is on hand to assist everyone.  No one is told what the final painting will be.  When everyone has completed his/her piece of the whole, they are all brought together for the final reveal.  Everyone will be amazed at what they created together.  And be prepared for everyone to “fight” over where this piece will hang back at your group’s office!

Up to 15 participants (additional participants can be accommodated with a modified program)
2-3 hours

Blind Contouring – Kevin Obregon, Artist

Participants will learn observation techniques while also getting to know each other by creating drawings of one another. Featured White Space artist, Kevin Obregon, has developed a Group Coalescence Technique using the “blind contour” method of drawing, wherein participants are asked to draw their co-participants’ faces without looking down at their work, lifting their pencils, or taking their eyes off their subject, thereby promoting the intimate act of observation, detail, emphatic attention to stand-out traits and hand-eye coordination, resulting in a highly memorable and bonding moment amongst participants and observers.

No matter the level of artistry or lack thereof, participants find this technique has a proven leveling effect, wherein no one person’s work necessarily rises above another’s, since each resulting drawing is unique to that person’s ability to “observe” with their eyes and linger in areas that emphasize the subject’s more obvious traits. This technique always elicits smiles and togetherness, and a greater appreciation for observation in life and their fellow participants.

Participants first begin by watching a demonstration of the technique itself, with a narrative of what the technique does, how it’s helps with the hand-eye coordination, trains the eye to linger and observe, and spatial visualization within the confines of a piece of paper.

In the end, participants will learn to hone their abilities to observe both people and their environment and not worry about replicating or “projecting” what they think they see, but allowing their eyes to carefully inform them through lingering observation. It’s an intimate approach to group ice-breaking and very entertaining. Each person will receive all the portraits done by their fellow participants and insights to how others perceive them.

2-3 hours

Poetry Slam – MH Clay, Dallas poet and poetry editor for

MH Clay uses the poetry form of haiku to demonstrate the value of concise communication. After a discussion of the form, the group is given a fixed timeframe for each person (or team of persons) to create their own haikus using themes selected to reinforce your meeting objectives. At the end of the time period, everyone is asked to “perform” their haikus as part of a poetry slam competition, with the group awarding a grand prize winner at the end.

2-3 hours depending on group size

Salsa Competition – Chef RV, The Butcher Shop & RJ Mexican Cuisine

Head across the street to The Butcher Shop and meet up with Chef RV.  He will have all the ingredients you need to make a killer salsa.  The group will divide up into teams of 5 (or less) and will be given a set amount of time to go wild, experimenting with different ideas to create the perfect salsa.  At the end of the time, each team will submit one salsa to Chef RV for judging and a winner will be named. Afterwards, everyone will have the opportunity to consume their creations during a leisurely lunch after grilling up their own fajitas on The Butcher Shop’s 2 indoor pits.

2-3 hours

West End Scavenger Hunt – The Go Game

Imagine your company split into teams of 4 to 8 players, all competing to complete missions in the most ingenious, daring, and creative ways possible. These missions, downloaded to each team’s web-enabled cell phone, may lead players to a hidden clue, a creative challenge, an undercover agent, or even a public display of outrageousness… and the list goes on. Each mission directs the team to solve a puzzle or complete a task within a game zone.  Your game zone will be The West End game zone includes a shopping center, a dining district, public art, and Dealey Plaza where the Kennedy assassination took place. Monuments and memorials and the Sixth Floor Museum ensure that the Game is ripe with history, detective work, and most importantly, fun!

4 Hours

Improvisational Workshop

In the world of improvisation, we have learned that it’s not what one person creates individually that makes us successful – it’s what we create together. In our team building workshops, we create an environment where everybody’s ideas are equal. We strike the word “NO” from our vocabulary, concentrating instead on the theory of “Yes and…” We also live by the rule that there are no wrong answers, only higher- and lower-percentage choices. What if you had the freedom to do and say anything, and your idea would be right and receive 100% support from the team? Imagine how creative and productive you would be, and what you could accomplish!

3 hours

Spud Demon – Outstanding Productions

The guys on TV make it look so easy! Now it is your team’s turn to Pimp someone’s ride with our Potato Racing program! Team members will work together to build a car according to the specifications given in an owner profile, which will outline the look, speed and budget. While the TV mechanics work with chrome, electronics and the latest hardware; your member mechanics will be making your spud run. Each car and team will be judged on their ability to work together, following a budget and building according to the outlined specifications. The final challenge will be a downhill race on a track! Strengthen your group’s communication skills while promoting a sense of camaraderie; Potato Racing is the best deal on wheels! This group is designed for 2 or 3 people teams’ maximum.

2 hours

CANstruction – Outstanding Productions

If you build it – they can eat. You can be amazed at what a group will create with a little construction paper, a little imagination, and a lot of cans. A lot of cans. Each team will be given cans and a theme and then will be pitted against each other to create a can-struction that best represents the theme given to the team. How best to use what you’ve been given to create something unique is the name of the game. After the winner is announced, the cans will be donated to a local Food Bank.

2-3 hours

Custom Hat Fitting – Wild Bill’s Western Store

Wild Bill’s will give your next meeting that Texas touch and will turn any ordinary event into an authentic Western-themed experience to be remembered by all. Wild Bill’s Posse will fit your group with hats and/or boots and provide Texas Ranger badges with your company logo. Everyone loves a cowboy hat as a gift. They’ll bring their posse members to White Space or you can head over to Wild Bill’s shop.  Everyone will be measured and a hat will be custom fitted, shaped, steamed and personally styled just for them.  Wild Bill can also brand each hat with your corporate logo.  Consider putting those hats and/or boots to immediate use with professional line dancing lessons at White Space to complete the Texas experience.

2-3 hours

Creative Breaks Ideas in Dallas

Got 15-20 minutes between segments in your upcoming meeting?  Want a great way to re-energize the room, exert some of your attendees pent up energy, and just plain add some fun to your day?  Try out one of our many Creative Break exercises.  White Space will provide all the supplies and stage each exercise, so you can stay focused on your core meeting content and participate in the fun.

  • Wright Stuff. Break into teams of 4-5 people.  Give each team the following items:  5 pieces of construction paper, 1 can of play-doh, 6 pipe cleaners, 8 coffee stirrers and a roll of masking tape.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and ask each team to build a paper airplane that will sail its way further than any other.  At the end of 5 minutes, all airplanes report to the runway and take flight.  The one to make it the furthest, wins.
  • Eye Spy. Break in teams of 4-5 people.  Each team is handed a sheet of paper with 6 images on it that represent a portion of items that can be seen from Market Street between Munger and Ross (the West End corridor).  Teams have ten minutes to try to identify as many of the images on the page as possible.  They must write down what the item is (e.g., TGI Friday’s awning).  First team to return with all images identified or team with the most items identified, wins.
  • Stomp the Yard. Break into teams of 4-5 and head down to the courtyard.  Each team will be assigned a Stomp Rocket which will be sitting inside a chalk ring.  On the ground and some distance away is an X marked in chalk.  Each team must devise a means to land the rocket on the X.  First one to hit the mark wins.
  • Chara-doh.  In advance, develop a list of words or things that will reinforce your meeting messages. Write each on a separate sheet of paper and put into a bowl. Set up 2 tables with assorted cans of Play-Doh.  Break the group into 2 teams.  Each team chooses a sculptor.  One of the sculptors draws a slip of paper from the bowl and shows it to the other.  On the count of 3, each begins forming the Play-Doh into something that will draw out the word. The sculptors cannot say words, make noises, use actions, or anything else. They must only use the Play-Doh The first team member to shout the right answer, wins a point for their team.  After each round, a new sculptor is selected for each team. (This can also be done as straight Pictionary using the whiteboard walls.)
  • Pop My Bubble.  Everyone is given a big sheet of bubble wrap. A timer is set for 5 minutes and people use whatever creative means possible to pop as many bubbles as they can.  First one to pop all their bubbles, or the one with the most bubbles popped at the end of the time, wins.